Pastor Paul's Perspective

What's to Love About Christmas?

Or not??

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!


What makes it "most wonderful"? Is it the stress, the traffic, the lines at stores, the cost of buying presents, the additional places I have to be and the extra people I need to see . . . ? Bah, humbug.

Oh, relax. I'm only kidding. I really DO love Christmas and all that comes with it. Although I could live without the "hustle and bustle".

This Sunday, December 17, I will be speaking about all the things I love about Christmas. ALL the festivities with family and friends that bring me great joy. It really does. And not because I'm getting a LOT of presents this year from Santa.

While it's true that I do love Christmas and I think I've passed that love on to our children, I love Christmas for a lot of reasons. Some reasons are very worldly, I admit. The lights, the presents, the cookies, the parties, the cookies, the cookies, and the snow , and oh, yeah, , , the cookies.

I also love Christmas for more spiritually-minded reasons. This year I've been intrigued with the idea that Christmas is a great time to gain insight into what God is like.

My outline Sunday will answer the question: What does the first Christmas tell us about God? And there is A LOT.

I have been reading through Matthew's account of the birth of Christ as well as Luke's, and there are so many insights seen about God. For example:

We see the Trinity or Tri-unity of God in the Christmas story

We see prophecies fulfilled exactly in great detail

We see God's love

We see God's timing

We see God's grace

We see God's sense of humor . . . .and we see so much more.

This Sunday, I'm going to focus on seeing God's heart an seeing God's purpose as seen in the story of Christ's birth.

God's heart is relational - He missed us.

God's heart is relational - He makes it easy to find Him.

God's heart is relational - He welcomes ALL types of people.

God's purpose is worth celebrating.

God's purpose is about reconciling.

These thoughts about God's heart and purpose will be part of my sharing this Sunday. It will be ALL about Christmas. Hope to see you there at 9:30 or 11am, and bring a friend!


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