Pastor Paul's Perspective

The Original Superhero

Morphing in Reverse

If you watch a lot of movies, you are aware that we have a lot of "morphing" going on.

"Morphing" is when characters change their appearance and transform into the superhero that will save the day. Now, "morphing" isn't a new thing. I grew up with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman (my personal favorite ), Spiderman, and the Hulk. Nowadays you have dozens more who morph right before our eyes. From Power Rangers to Captain America to Transformers, there's a lot of change going on.

As I thought about this "morphing" in relation to the incarnation of Jesus Christ - when Christ came to earth as the God-Man - I began to think of Christ's morph. Consider this statement from a commentary on Philippians 2:6:

Form of God: morphe, the word for form, was generally
used to express the way in which a thing exists and appears
according to what it is in itself. Thus, the expression "form of God"
may be correctly understood as the essential nature and character of God.
To say, therefore, that Christ existed in "the form of God" is to say that
apart from His human nature, Christ possessed all the characteristics and
qualities belonging to God because He is, in fact, God.

It is true that Christ "morphed". He was God and is God and yet He took on the appearance of a man and came to earth for 33 years and dwelt among us. But as Christ became a man, He never changed His essence - his "essential nature and character of God". While God became man, He NEVER stopped being God. Yes, Jesus really was God with skin on. God morphed into man while never NOT being God. In His essence, Christ could never stop being God. It's who He is. This "morphe" of Christ will be our focus this Sunday, January 13, as we get back into our series in Philippians. We will be looking at Philippians 2:5-11 where we will see both theological significance and practical significance of the morphing of Christ.

Think of this as you prepare for this Sunday:

  1. Jesus had to remain God while coming as a man in order to remain the perfect, sinless, holy, righteous, blameless lamb of God. This is Jesus' deity.
  2. Jesus had to take on the appearance of a man in order to suffer, be tempted, and experience pain and abandonment so He could be our High Priest who was tempted like us but without sin. This is Jesus' humanity.

Yes, both deity and humanity were necessary for Jesus to be the acceptable sacrifice that satisfied God's wrath and ultimately cleanses us from all our sins.

So maybe look at it this way: Jesus was the original superhero who morphed, but in a backward kind of way.

  • Jesus went from All Powerful God to common man.
  • Jesus went from the riches of heaven to the poverty of earth.
  • Jesus went from the glory of God to the torture on the cross.


But in the end, Jesus morphed back into the presence of God and the Father once again "highly exalted Him". One day "every knee should bow" and "every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord". The Superhero - Savior of my soul - will be praised for all eternity. What a morphe!

I hope to see you Sunday as we study Philippians 2:5-11 together.

Pastor Paul

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