Pastor Paul's Perspective


By Brody Castle

Merry Christmas!


It’s your friendly neighborhood worship leader Brody guest-blogging today.  I want to invite you to our Children’s Christmas musical this Sunday at 10 AM.  It’s called “Crazy Busy Peaceful Holy Night”. I know you’ll be blessed by the singing and acting, so don’t miss it!


I can really relate to the first two words in this title - crazy & busy.  I’m sure you can too! It’s always crazy busy this time of year, with shopping, parties, traffic, visiting relatives, and the list goes on.  This Sunday, we’re going to look back at the FIRST Christmas, and realize that it was crazy busy for Mary, Joseph and Jesus as well! I think we often romanticize the Christmas story, and the carols we sing reinforce that fact.  Was it really a silent night?  Did the little Lord Jesus no crying he make? I don’t think so.




As we re-read the gospel accounts of Jesus’ birth, I encourage you to look at it again, as if you’re reading it for the first time.  Try to imagine how Mary felt, being an unwed teenage mother. Imagine how Joseph felt, learning his fiancee is pregnant with someone else’s baby!  Imagine Mary walking walking 80 miles from Nazareth to Bethlehem while great with child! Imagine Jesus being born in a stinky, smelly, dirty, itchy cattle shed, because all the hotels were filled!  Imagine them having to run for their lives to escape death by decree of the king! I don’t think it gets any crazier or busier than that.


But we read that they had peace in the midst of it all.  How? How can WE have that same peace this Christmastime? The children’s choir and I look forward to answering that question on Sunday morning.


See you then!


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