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Jonah & Jesus

Special Guest Blog from Pastor Jordan

Many of those growing up in the church today know the truth, but behave as if living in the presence of God and in obedience to His Word was just one of many options. In God's sovereignty and compassion, He sent His one and only Son with the aim of making us like Christ. In the book of Jonah, which we'll be digging into again this weekend, we find some comparisons to Jesus that we might not have noticed before.

Consider this: Jonah was in the hold of the ship sleeping during a violent storm much like Jesus was in the Sea of Galilee according to Luke 8. Jonah is awakened by fearful men that are worried about their lives just like Jesus was awakened by fearful men that were worried about their lives. Jonah tells the men that he worships the God of heaven, and the maker of the sea. Jesus tells the men to trust Him, because He is the Son of God, and that He is the maker of the heavens and the Sea and all creation was made through Him, and for Him. Jonah tells the men to cast him over so that the sea will calm. Jesus calms the sea in the same manner He created it: with a word. The sailors refused to be responsible for the sins of Jonah, and did not want to die on his behalf. Jesus was sent to earth and took on the responsibility of man’s sinfulness, and died on behalf of sinful humans. 
  • The connections continue, but we can see in Jonah's story how desperately we need a Savior to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves: Jonah receives a message of repentance and retreats; Jesus receives a message of repentance and relents to the will of the Father. 
  • Jonah is a prophet of God that intentionally leaves the presence of God in order to avoid the mission of God; Jesus is a prophet of God that intentionally runs towards the presence of God in order to perfectly fulfill the mission of God. 
  • The sailors appease the wrath of God in spite of Jonah; Jesus appeases the wrath of God in spite of sinners. 
  • Jonah is insensitive to God’s will and is preoccupied with himself; Jesus is sensitive to God’s will and is focused on the Father's glory and humanity's salvation. 
  • Jonah is disobedient to God, and in God’s justice was held accountable for his sin; Jesus was obedient to God, and in God’s justice took upon himself the sin of humanity. 
  • Jonah deserved death, and yet God spared his life; Jesus deserved life, and yet God sacrificed His Son in a display of His relentless love. 


Unfortunately, many of us can relate to Jonah and his pursuit of comfort, safety, and pleasure. However, Christ died on the cross so that we can experience something greater and it's only found in the power of the gospel - and it can only be experienced when we first die to ourselves. Join us this Sunday as we look at the relentless love of God that prompts us to repent and draws us back to His presence.

See you then!
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