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Guest Blog by Pastor Caleb

  • Where did I come from? (Origin)

  • Who am I? (Identity)

  • Why am I here? (Purpose)

  • Where am I heading? (Destiny)


If you were to ask different people around the world those four questions, you would get a lot of different answers.  But how you answer those four questions are of utmost importance. Let’s take origin for example. If you are here because of a cosmic accident, through billions of years of struggle, mutation, and chance, then what does that say about your identity, purpose, and destiny?  Let’s just say it’s not so encouraging.



Men and women more intelligent than I have pondered these questions. R.C. Sproul asks of them:

How can brilliant scholars such as Aquinas and Nietzsche come to such radically opposing worldviews?...Perhaps the answer lies in this: If at the earliest stages of intellectual reflection a person denies the existence of God, then the more brilliant he is, the farther his thought will move away from God.


If God exists, which I believe He does, we have an identity, purpose, and destiny that no one can take from us.  


This Sunday as we celebrate the graduates of 2019 we will see that the God who IS is the source of all life, joy, and pleasure.  I hope you will understand that God has the answer to all of life’s most important questions and is the source of our heart’s greatest longings!



See you Sunday!
Pastor Caleb

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