Pastor Paul's Perspective

Good, Better, BEST

How To Make the Wisest Choice

Decisions, decisions, decisions . . . 

With life full of choices, how do we choose between good, better, best?

Taking Sin Seriously

With Ourselves & Others

OK, so I can't believe I'm going to say this, but here goes:

For this Sunday, April 15, you are going to need to pull up your BIG boy pants and be ready for a difficult topic.

Who Do You Look Like?

Being an Imitator of God

I've heard it so many times . . . 
     "Oh, she looks just like her mother . . . "
     "Oh, he's the spitting image of his father . . . "

Who Do You See?

Finding Ourselves in the Easter Story

3 . . . 2 . . . 1 - and Larry Bird hits the game-winning shot at the buzzer!

That's how it went down in my back yard as I would pretend to beat the buzzer with a last-second shot to win the game. I was Larry "The Legend" Bird!!!

What To Expect Of A New Man?

God Weighs In

I believe we ALL live with "expectations".

Expectations = an awaiting, a state of looking forward, anticipating

We have expectations of others and others have expectations of us. Sometimes we even (and should) have expectations of ourselves.

Old vs. New

What Not To Wear

Last Sunday, March 11, 2018, I wore two different sneakers to church - one old, one new. My point in wearing the two different sneakers was to illustrate putting on the new man and putting off the old man. (Ephesians 4:17-24)

The Gift of Pastors

Your Job & Mine

Back in the dark ages of the early 1980's, I was enjoying the college life and looking forward to teaching history and coaching basketball as a career. I was on the right track - meeting the right people, given the right opportunities, and even doing summer camps for 10 weeks to gain the right experience.

Gifts from Above

Coming and Going

I'm sure you've heard by now - I love getting gifts.
  • It's my love language (along with others )
  • It's my spiritual gift (if receiving is a gift . . .)
  • If gift receiving were an Olympic sport, I'd be a gold medalist
  • You get the idea
In Ephesians 4:7-16, we will be learning about gifts that all followers of Christ receive. All of us as born-again believers in Christ's death, burial, and resurrection get gifts from our gift-giving God.

Pursuers & Preservers of Peace

Walking Worthy

In the role of Pastor and Shepherd, one of my obligations is to help keep unity and peace among the people - the flock.

For many, the idea of "unity" would be to have the church "unified in purpose". But I think the Biblical teachings on unity go way deeper and way broader than simply "unified in purpose". I am convinced the Biblical challenge for ALL followers of Christ is to be "unified WITH people".

Walking Worthy

What does that mean?

It's been a while since we were tracking through the book of Ephesians. There was stewardship in November, Christmas in December, and Living On A MIssion in January, along with pastoral reports for our annual meeting. But this Sunday we are back on track. We will begin Ephesians 4 and look at walking in a way that's "worthy of our calling".


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