If you want to be like Jesus (his disciple), serve others. Now. A lot!


This Sunday, I will be continuing our series here at West Pines on "As I Grow... We Grow". The topic is about our growing as a servant. My big idea is:

If you want to be like Jesus (his disciple), serve others. Now. A lot!

For the follower of Jesus the Biblical teaching on serving others is clear. If you want to be like Jesus, serve others. Now. A lot!!! Jesus was the ultimate example of a servant as He washed His Disciples' feet (John 13:1-17). Jesus teacher His disciples to serve other and in doing so we're serving Him (Matthew 25:40).

I've been saved to serve (Ephesians 2:10), gifted to serve (Romans 12) and given opportunity to serve (Philippians 2:1-4). If this is true, then why do so many of today's "disciples" stand around with their hands in their pockets (some literally, some figuratively) and watch. Some have been Praying about a service opportunity presented to them for years while service happens right before their eyes. Or some search for their "area of giftedness" and do nothing while continuing their search. How can this be happening in the life of a disciple of Jesus Christ?

If you want to be like Jesus, serve others. Now. A lot!

Fellow disciples of Jesus - get in the game. Serve someone. Anyone. Today. Now. A lot. Start at home or your school, workplace, neighborhood, grocery store, or restaurant. And, oh, yeah - the church too! :)

I believe our acts of service will brighten someone's day and give opportunity for us to share the light of God's glorious Gospel - Jesus. I am convinced that serving others today is an effective way to share Jesus and let the world know that we are His disciples.

Come hear more about this important topic Sunday at 10 AM at West Pines.

- Pastor Paul

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